Friday, January 2, 2009

From the horses mouth part II

Today is thirty days post surgery. The surgery was performed on December 2, 2008 as planned.
All went well with one exception; my colon was nicked during the removal of the prostate gland. A specialist was called and the repair was made. This extended my hospital stay an additional three days.
The pathology report of the prostate gland indicated cancer on the left and right side of the gland as expected. There was no cancer in the seminal vessels or four lymph nodes.
A PSA test will be performed the end of February or early March. The result should be a low reading .02 or so. A low reading would indicate that the cancer has been removed.
I am recovering slowly but making progress each day. I plan to return to work on a limited schedule next Monday.
Thanks for all the prayers, cards, notes and calls. Please keep me in your prayers.
A special thanks to my wife for all she has done to help me recover. I cannot begin to tell you the extent of care she has provided but without her I would not be in the place I am today.
I wish everyone a blessed and happy new year.