Sunday, November 29, 2009

Avent - A new year begins -

Advent marks the beginning of a new church year. A new beginning a clean slate. My first response to a new beginning is to look back. Where was I this time last year? What was going on in my corner of the world?
Well last year was a medical challenge, prostate cancer surgery December 2nd followed by outpatient surgery in April. And endless days of one step forward and two steps back. Oh and pneumonia twice this year I really am a lucky guy.
I am a lucky guy for a number of reasons one I mention here. I would not be where I am today without the constant care of my wife. She had a difficult year dealing with a difficult patient. Through her efforts I found God each day in all she has done and continues to do for me.
Well a look back can be an eye opener. But what we do with the information is the key to our future. For example I have had two PSA tests that indicate I am cancer free. So looking back will hopefully push us forward to a new place.
We have a clean slate to work with, what we choose to write or draw is up to us.
Advent is a time to look back to the birth of Christ. God became man to die for the sins of all to bring redemption. We must keep the incarnation active and alive in our hearts so the message is not lost.
The world is trying to silence the message with political correctness. Happy holidays instead of Merry Christmas. Holiday trees no Christmas trees allowed. And on and on the assault to the message of God’s love continues and many Christians are guilty of silence.
Advent is a time to discover how many times and ways God comes to us today. Advent has a past and future but many times the presence of God with us in this moment is lost. Advent is a season of not only past and future but present. Seek to discover God in today.
Advent offers an opportunity to look to the future and the second coming of our Lord. Scripture makes very clear that no one knows the moment or the hour of the coming of the son of man. But scripture is also clear on two other points. Jesus will return and we need to be prepared for his coming.
The season of advent is a time of anticipation and expectation. Past present or future the season is your opportunity to find Christ around every corner.
My prayer for you is a blessed Advent as you find the Lord in your world.