Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Trinity for Dummies

At the request of my wife I have read The Shack. I did not read any reviews but I did run past several reviews and noticed that they were over the top in the positive column. I noticed a few reviews that let’s say were less than five stars. So I thought I would add my two cents about the shack.
I found several positive thoughts set forth in the book.
1. God loves me beyond my ability to understand.
2. God desires a relationship with me.
3. The intimacy of our relationship is mine to cultivate.
4. The trinity is active in our world.
5. All things work together for good.
6. We need to discover ways to live in the moment.
I am not going to elaborate on these thoughts but I think all of us would do well to spend time contemplating the richness of each thought.
I of course found several items in the book that I cannot put a positive spin on. You had to know I would find something.
1. First we must keep in mind that this book is a work of fiction.
2. It is not well written.
3. The trinity is pictured as way to human.
4. When we find no answer or confront a situation we don’t understand we have a tendency to bring God down to our level.
5. When we humanize God we set aside his divinity.
6. We lose the awe factor or reverence that God deserves.
Some might say if it helps to view God as portrayed in the shack what is the harm. Well we spend a great deal of time trying to justify our actions and putting God on our level is harmful if we twist and turn the nature of God to suit our needs.
The book by the way is about the trinity. Maybe a better title would have been The Trinity for Dummies.